Boatwright Pharmacy
Gifts & Accessories

We've got you covered...

  • Summer Dresses, Tops, Hats, and Sandles 
  • SIMPLY Southern, summer dresses, shoulder bags, socks, and t-shirts 
  • Inis "the energy of the sea," Embraceletts, and more
  • Momma, we have the Beebo
  • New and favorite fragrances in bars, oils, sprays, and candles
  • Home Decor and Accessories


  • boatwrights drug and pharmacy spring color hand bags 800x800


From the first time you enter our Pharmacy, you will feel the nostalgia of the old fashioned drug store. Our staff are friendly, warm and eager to help. We have Hallmark and a variety of cards to meet every occasion, beautiful gifts and only the "most fashionable" decorations to make your home warm and inviting. Scroll through for a small sample of the beautiful gifts and home decorations.

Stop in, drop off your prescriptions, and browse while the pharmacy fills your prescription. We provide old-fashion service with the modern pharmacy technology. You must allow blocked content to view picture gallery.